Nowadays technology has dominated all human activities. Information technology has been widely used to support business processes in companies. With the presence of existing technology applications, of course, make time and cost more efficient. Accounting Software, e-commerce, e-banking, e-business and Enterprise Resource Planning. The use of technology in business can also make users more efficient in workers because of more regular and faster work habits. What are the roles that make Information Technology important in business

Simplify Ways of Communication.

What is meant by simplifying the way of communication? e-mail is an example of Information Technology that has been widely applied in the company. E-mail itself is useful for communicating with customers or prospects of the company. Besides e-mail can also be used to be a means of promotion of company products or promotion of corporate events. In addition, there are also chat features that can be used together to facilitate communication for internal and external companies.

The Second Role, As a Source of Knowledge.
The internet is one of the important organs in a company, with the internet with one click all the information you want you can get quickly and instantly. Therefore the use of IT in business can be an unlimited source of knowledge.

As Data Management.
How do you store or manage your company data? Is it still a paper file? Saving data is only profitable if it can be used effectively. If you use an Archived Information Management System files will be more organized, allowing companies to track sales data, costs and productivity levels. You can also track or check sales every day instantly.

As a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)
Not many companies use CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), CRM also means one of the software that is useful for managing customer relationships, all data records about customers will be recorded by CRM. The point is that all of your interactions with customers will be stored in your CRM, and it will be easier to follow-up and build better relationships with your customers. This also brings benefits to the company so that it can further improve performance on productivity.

More Focused Business Activities.
If you do business the old-fashioned way, then you can only do your business with certain working hours, but if you use e-commerce as your sales alternative, then all your sales transactions will no longer be time-limited, you can be active and monitor 24-hour activity your business according to your ability. This will benefit you to be more free in doing business and better than your business competitors who are still using the old-fashioned.…