How To Use Different Mobile Devices for Home Automation

Are you interested in learning more about home automation? Many people are getting on board to automate things around their homes like alarm systems, thermostats, or lighting. Most mobile devices are capable of communicating with the digital systems in your house to make your life easier and to improve your comfort. Different types of mobile devices offer their own unique benefits when they’re linked to other electronics to automate your home.


Smartwatches are special in the mobile technology realm because they’re wearable, compact, and extremely convenient to use. With home automation, smart watches can allow you to use voice commands from your wrist from just about anywhere. Sometimes accidents happen that result in damage to your device, and professional services like iPhone watch repair Odessa TX can help troubleshoot and rectify problems.


Smartphones are the most common mobile devices on the market today. A smartphone alone can control your home automation devices. Because of the cellular connection, smartphones are useful for things like opening your door locks, changing the thermostat, and turning off lights when you’re away from your home.


Tablets are useful in home automation because of their screen size. Most tablet screens are close in size to a laptop monitor, which makes it better for tasks such as viewing security camera footage around your home and property. The larger monitor of the tablet helps you view more detail on your camera’s images than you’d see on a smaller phone screen.

You might be pleasantly surprised to find that the devices you already own could do so much more for your home. Home automation increases safety, conserves energy, and improves peace of mind. When technology does more tasks around your home, you may end up with more free time, get more things done, and live a better life.


4 Ways Mold Can Ruin Your Life


Discovering mold in your home can be a jarring experience. It’s hard to believe that such a small substance is capable of doing so much damage. Mold in the home is a byproduct of excess moisture and will inevitably cause damage to your home and health. Here are four ways that mold can ruin your life if not addressed.

Severe Allergies

If you experience seasonal allergies, you’re familiar with the symptoms. However, when dealing with mold, these severe allergies linger all year long. When you notice that your allergies have held on well past their season, schedule a mold inspection Portland to find out if there’s a problem in your home.

Unsightly Stains

Mold stains will pop up on walls where dampness occurs such as bathrooms and basements. Unfortunately by the time stains show up, damage behind the wall is well underway. To clean a small amount of surface mold, spray one part bleach to three parts water, then call for an inspection before it gets worse.

Smelly Basements

When you’re living with mold, you’ll be subjected to all kinds of unpleasant odors. Mold smells musty and earthy, and no matter how much you clean, you won’t eliminate the stench. Elements in mold called microbial volatile organic compounds are what cause this odor and it may produce headaches and dizziness.

Structural Damage

Although mold on its own won’t cause wood to rot, the fungi that cause damage are usually nearby. Mold and fungi both need a damp spot to grow in and once fungi take hold, they deteriorate wood quickly. If you see mold, it’s time for an inspection as structural damage could be imminent.

Once mold is present in your home, it causes allergies, smells and usually impending damage. Having a thorough inspection is the quickest way to banish mold from your home for good.

5 Tips for Maintaining the Laptop Keyboard

 Laptop Keyboard
Please note, the cause of the laptop keyboard is damaged quickly is due to trivial problems. Like being hit by dust particles that can settle at the bottom of the keyboard keys, making the keyboard not work when the letter is pressed. In order for a laptop keyboard to remain durable and can be used in the long term, you need to take care of it properly. Here are 5 tips for keeping the laptop keyboard durable.

Clean the Laptop Keyboard Regularly

Take your time to clean the keyboard from various incoming dirt particles. If dust is left in the crevices of the keyboard, dust will continue to accumulate and can enter the bottom layer. If so, sometimes the keys on the keyboard cannot display the characters on the laptop screen when pressed.

Don’t use Playing Games too Often

For game lovers, the keyboard will be the main component that supports gaming activities on a laptop. As a result, the keys on the keyboard will often be used to support playing activities. However, if this activity is carried out continuously, it is not impossible if the sensitivity on the keyboard will be damaged.

Not Too Loud when Typing

If you type in a relaxed manner so that the sound of the keyboard sounds loud, this can have the effect of making the layers in the letters you press become damaged. Therefore, in order for the keyboard to last, type not too hard pressing the keyboard keys. That way the typing process becomes more relaxed.

Keep the Keyboard Away from Liquids

When you are typing on a laptop, try not to get too close to liquid objects. If you are not careful, the water could spill and hit the laptop keyboard, this can make the keyboard hang and cannot be used for typing.

Use a Laptop Keyboard Protector

You can buy various types of keyboard protectors to suit the laptop model you are using. Usually, this keyboard protector is made of silicone which is elastic. When you use this keyboard protection, then you are trying to protect the keyboard from threats such as dust and food debris that may hit it.

Those are 4 tips to keep your laptop keyboard durable. Don’t forget to periodically clean the laptop keyboard…