Satellite Phone Vs Cell phone: Which One is Best?

There are a few basic features shared by all satellite phones that you should be aware of to choose the one that will work best for you. The first essential thing to remember is that satellite phones are not mobile phones, and they operate on network architecture and radio propagation characteristics that are completely different.

There are certain inherent limits to how and where they function. While a satellite phone can be used almost everywhere on the planet, it will not function inside buildings or any other construction that covers the view of the horizon. There are no Blackberries or iPhones in the satellite world, and they will never replace mobile phones, but they are an excellent insurance policy against cellular network breakdown.

Below are points worth noting that will help you understand the difference between cell phones and SAT phones.


Because of how radio waves travel and the frequencies utilized, phones with their antennas retracted will usually not function. Since Sat phone antennae are on the exterior rather than inside, they must be extended in when making and receiving calls. As a result, you can’t expect to receive phone calls while carrying a satellite phone in your back pocket.

International Contacts

Satellite phones typically have unique worldwide phone numbers, but some, such as Globalstar, also include the U.S. and Canadian phone numbers. The majority of companies offer Direct Inward Dial capabilities, which means you may call the U.S. sat phone number and then over dial (using touch-tone) the actual number allocated to the device.

Call Quality

Many of the networks’ voice quality may be much worse than what you’re accustomed to using cellular phones. This is so because bandwidth is severely limited to optimize power utilization. There may also be a lag between when you speak and when the other person speaks, which is referred to as latency. When using a system that has satellites in geostationary orbit, this may happen.

Phone Design

The satellite phones are all small and light, with some measuring less than a mobile phone’s size. While they all work in the same way as your phone, the antennas, screens, soft buttons, and settings are all different.

Inmarsat has the cheapest and easiest-to-use phone, but it lacks certain features that Iridium has, such as genuinely worldwide coverage. In addition, all systems now enhance the connection between you and the satellite by using GPS to pinpoint your location.

Bottom Line

Satellite phones have become popular. They’ve saved lives, provided communications during natural catastrophes, and connected people to the outside world when terrestrial networks went down. For several reasons, cellular networks may be weak and unavailable. However, satellite networks are seldom, if ever, down, which means that if you have a sat phone number, you can nearly always reach emergency services, businesses, government organizations, and friends and family.…

Features and Uses of Satellite Phones

A satellite phone is a device that connects to other phones through orbiting satellites instead of mobile phone towers on the ground. One of the advantages of using a sat phone is that you will not be limited to specific areas as you can use it in most areas of the Earth’s surface. However, the long-distance cover implies that a satellite can take numerous seconds to transmit the signals.

If the phones cannot detect a satellite, they cannot work. In particular, they cannot work inside a caravan, car, or house. Therefore, most satellite systems need you to be outside instead of inside a structure to prevent blockage of signals. Further, trees, buildings, and other obstructions can affect the quality of the call and signal strength.

Numerous firms offer satellite phone services to achieve this. In Australia, the available networks include

  • Pivotel
  • Inmarsat
  • Thuraya
  • Globalstar
  • Iridium

Features of satellite phones

Satellite phones use SIM cards like cellular phones, and they provide different features. The features include text messaging, voicemail, phone books, call forwarding, signal strength, and low battery displays. The hand-held satellite phones use batteries and offer approximately four hours of talk and between 36 and 40 hours of standby time. Apart from that, the phones can have additional features including:

  • Designed for use in rugged environments with dust, shock, and water resistance features
  • Faxing, data transmission, and paging capabilities
  • Come with solar panels for users to remotely charge the batteries
  • GPS displays for latitude and longitude
  • Global Mobile System  (GMS) combability, enabling you to use the sat phone like a cellular phone

Uses of satellite phones

In most cases, sat phones are used by people who need communication services in remote areas. More people have found the advantages of using these phones, but many users engage in adventure travel, military, maritime, government, emergency, and aviation services.

What is the best satellite phone for you?

Satellite handsets have in-built codes for particular satellite services, and you cannot transfer them between satellite networks. Therefore, when searching for an ideal sat phone, you need to consider the kinds of information you want to receive and send, the place you will use your phone, the length of period you might require to access a network, and your intended applications.…

Why Should You Consider Buying a Satellite Phone?

Communication is a crucial aspect of human life. Since their inception in 1979, satellite phones have been instrumental in different situations. These are devices that connect with other phones’ networks via satellites in space. Today, you can find sat phone sales in various locations globally or even online. However, you need to understand why it is essential to consider having such a gadget with you.

Benefits of a Satellite Phone

There are several benefits to getting a satellite phone, but the ones discussed below are the most important:


The learning curve for using a satellite phone is not complex. Although most of these gadgets come with more advanced technology today, you can use them the same way as a regular phone. Moreover, there will likely be a user manual accompanying the sat phone you purchase. This manual contains information such as how to recharge the device, setting it up, and activating the voicemail feature.

Contact Government Agencies

This is essential during emergencies, such as earthquakes, storms, and hurricanes. If you are trapped in your house and need to call for help, a sat phone will work just fine regardless of your location, especially if other phone networks have been damaged in the disaster. You can call the police, fire department, and medics.

Keep in Touch with Family

A satellite phone comes in handy as a communication tool if you live far from your family in an area that experiences regular disasters, such as floods and earthquakes. If you live with your family, you should consider getting each member such a device. That is because you might get separated during a disaster, and communication through your smartphones, computers, or landlines may not be reliable at that point.

Getting a satellite phone may not be an easy task, but such a device can save you a lot in the long run. Consider the above-discussed benefits to understand why you should consider buying a sat phone.…

What Is A Subsidized Cell Phone? How Does One Acquire It?

Most developed countries have beneficial programs that enable their citizens to access free cell phones or subsidized cell phones. For instance, Lifeline Assistance Program offered by the United States. These cell phones are not expensive, and an individual can acquire one once they qualify for certain things. Usually, the programs in those countries run in the major cities of the respective countries. For example, you may come across a subsidized cell phone Oklahoma-located.

The program is restrictive and usually requires one to have an annual income below certain levels or be enrolled in specific programs offered by the government. Good examples are Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income in the US. If you meet the qualifications, then you are in a position to own a subsidized cell phone.

The type of Subsidized cell Phone You Can Own

Since the phone prices are subsidized, owning primary cell phones such as iPhones won’t be easy. Most programs typically restrict the types of phones used. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to access a decent cell phone that is efficient enough. In most cases, you will not be in a position to know the type of phone you will obtain until a specific approval process has been conducted. However, many programs do an excellent job of offering variety when it comes to subsidized phones. Unfortunately, you will not be in a position to acquire the latest android phones or the Apple model, but you will still have a variety of smartphones to choose from at a lower or rather a subsidized price.


Financial statements differ regarding social status in society. In this case, not everybody’s pockets are heavy enough to deal with certain luxuries such as owning expensive phones. If you fall in that category, do not hesitate to enroll in these government programs that provide access to subsidized phones. The programs will cater to your needs, and your life will proceed smoothly.

Why You Need a Fast Reliable Internet Connection

A fast and reliable internet connection is among the essentials a business requires to run daily functions and activities effectively. It plays significant roles in different departments, from facilitating communication in logistics to the safekeeping of vital financial records through internet bundles Easton-located. If your internet proves unreliable, then everybody in your department will feel it. Here are reasons why your business needs a fast, reliable internet connection.

Business Benefits Associated with High-Speed Internet Connection

Cloud Storage

One of the main benefits of your business featuring a reliable internet connection is that you gain access to affordable cloud storage. Cloud storage is an innovative approach to virtually storing your brand’s information, keeping it safe from damage and unauthorized access. A fast and reliable internet connection makes the uploading and retrieval process more straightforward, providing quicker response times and promoting efficiency.

Data Backup

Another advantage of your business having a super-fast internet connection is setting automatic data backups on your system. It allows the backing up of real-time data based on pre-set intervals; hourly, daily or weekly. Note that your internet connectivity needs to be exceptionally fast to not interrupt your employees’ duties because of dropped speeds when backing up data.

Easier Collaboration

The internet has seen significant upgrades to how businesses to network, making the collaboration process more manageable by eliminating most of the barriers involved. Thanks to a fast and reliable internet bundle, companies can work with teams and employees globally, provided they work towards a common goal. It allows you to make international calls, host virtual meetings and even share critical information in the shortest time possible.

If you are looking for a TV and service provider around, then find a reliable dealer as your best solution. They should offer various internet, cable, and phone services and guarantee you affordable and practical plans for your business.…

Why Microgrids are Essential Innovation for Communities – Is it Worth Your Time?

Natural crises like storms, power outages, and other misfortunes can strike at any time, causing significant disruptions to your home’s systems or commercial appliances. You know how disastrous this can be, considering when the weather is unfriendly, and you depend on the power source to drive your devices and balance the harsh climate.

Similarly, dealing with grid breakdowns can be nerve-wracking, given that a fault in one section may mean power downfall for everyone depending on the supply line. That’s why different cities are looking for ways to have more reliability, efficiency, and resilience in their electric grid despite the threats. And a microgrid seems to meet this need perfectly, given how it functions and its reliability. If you’ve been wondering whether investing in microgrid modeling software is an option for your business or residential community, this article is for you.

How Microgrid Works

A grid links businesses, homes, and other structures to primary power sources, allowing the usage of appliances in the buildings. The interconnection makes it easy for the whole community under the same connection to suffering power outages if any part of the grid requires repairs.

microgrid works when connected to the grid. However, you can also detach it to the grid and work independently by connecting it to local energy sources like batteries, generators, or solar panels. The microgrid works pretty well with proper management and fueling. As such, you don’t have to suffer power breakdowns when the macro grid has faults or in the face of power threats like storms and outages.

Benefits of Microgrid

Who doesn’t desire the peace of mind that comes with knowing your power supply will remain consistent despite the potential threats? That’s what microgrid offers you. Here are some ideas why you may want to adopt the technology.

  • Boosts grid resilience
  • It brings the potential of using no-carbon energy
  • Low energy costs
  • Enhances energy efficiency and reliability
  • Enhances competition in RTO markets
  • Reduce congestion and peak loads on the central grid

A microgrid is a rising part of the energy sector, majorly localizing energy supply and diverting from central power plants. They bring in more flexibility, resilience, and reliability, giving you more control over your energy consumption and supply.…

What is a Radome Used For?

A radome is a weatherproof dome structure used for protecting radar equipment such as the radar antenna. It is designed with a radio frequency transparent (minimally attenuating) material, especially to the outside, to ensure that radio waves pass through. These materials include fiberglass, foam cores, honeycombs, or quartz. Chemical resins can also be used for construction.

What is a Radome Used For?

Different types of radomes are manufactured for different uses. The main purposes are to protect antenna surfaces such as radar antennas from the weather or to conceal certain radio frequency antenna equipment from public view. Some of these uses include covering airplane radar antenna, weather radars, satellites, telemetry, and air traffic control antenna.

Depending on the use, radome manufacturers design them differently to suit the set purpose. Essentially, there are two types of radome classifications, ground-based radomes, and air radomes.

Are There Different Types of Radomes?

Ground-based radomes are used mainly for covering electronic antennas from the public view. In some instances, especially in areas with strong winds or storms, they can protect the equipment from adverse weather conditions, such as satellite communication (SATCOM) equipment.

There are three main types of ground-based radomes. These are:

  • Composite Radomes- this is a composite spherical radome such as sandwich radomes built on a rigid, self-supporting structure.
  • Air Supported Radomes- This is a flexible air-supported radome made from a fabric envelope. It stays supported by air inflation. It can only be operable in areas with a redundant blower system to inflate it all the time and an uninterrupted power supply source. It is advantageous in that it provides the best PF characteristics.
  • Space Frame Radomes- This is a geodesic dome made of assembled triangular panels. It sits in a rigid, self-supporting structure and is best for areas with adverse weather.

There are other types of radomes found on the front part of an airplane that protect the radar from dams. Materials used in the construction of such radomes must be lightweight to reduce drag.

Final Thoughts

A radome is a radio wave transparent dome used for protecting electronic equipment such as radar antennas from adverse weather conditions. They serve to ensure that such equipment is safe and lasts longer.…