5 qualities women enjoy in men, according to science

What could make a man more attractive to a woman? The look? The personality? The good mood? The musical taste similar?

To help answer this question, there are a number of science experiments studies that have immersed themselves in the task of trying to unravel what qualities women find attractive in men. Check out now what has already been revealed on the topic!1. Appearance matters (but not so much)

According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, appearance is considered more important for choosing short-term partners. And before anyone says that only women think so, the study highlights another information: the criterion for a faster bid is similar for men and women.

But when we deal with the beard, for example, there is no consensus. Another study points out that the beard may or may not be considered an additional attraction, since it was also considered as a factor that could make aggressive facial expressions more intense.2. Good Mood

Good humor is able to draw attention and even help win women’s hearts, according to a study published in Personal Relationships.

And from this here no one doubts: when humorous men are also considered attractive, they increase their chances of being chosen for a longer-lasting relationship. That is, it is worth facing life more lightly!3. Altruism

As cliché as cliché swells, empathy and altruism are fundamental to any kind of relationship. But a study of 200 women, published in Evolutionary Psychology, went beyond this more general perception.

The analysis indicated that kind men are also considered more attractive to women, especially for long-term relationships. This is so strong that empathy could also make men considered less attractive more desirable. Nothing like a kind heart, isn’t it?4. Musical taste

What about musical preferences? Do they matter that much? Some studies have been looking for clues. A Cambridge University survey of 350,000 people from various countries, published in 2022, argues that musical preferences are universal.

This means that people in different locations around the world who listen to the same type of music have a similar personality, suggesting that preference can be a powerful bridge to bringing people together.

This could be the way to friendship or even something else, can’t it? Another 2017 study, conducted with 60 university students, also from the University of Cambridge, showed that, in the first meetings, music was the most discussed subject, being preferred to other topics of interest, such as books and sports.

And now let’s get to the main point: according to research published in Communication Research, musical taste is, yes, able to influence the attraction between potential partners. And of course, it is better to know the taste of the person who starts sighs before starting to share songs, since without the common taste, the effect can be the opposite of the desired.5. Having a pet

Having a pet can be considered an attractive quality for women, according to a study published in the Journal of The Interactions of People & Animals.

That is, the benefit goes beyond the already known fact that pets facilitate communication between people, even increasing the chance of flirting being successful. But at the end of the day, one thing remains certain: there is no recipe ready to help in the conquest.

And as studies show the impact that personality can have on attraction, cultivating one’s own identity and seeking to be a better person can, yes, be super valid ways to keep cupid around.