9 Best Gaming Keyboards for Professional Gamers

A modern gamer would love to stay up to date when it comes to gaming equipment.

As a gamer, you want to keep them updated for the best enjoyable gaming experience when it comes to team.

If you’re a professional gamer, you’ll be looking for a high-end gaming keyboard to improve your game performance. Luckily, there are plenty of options available in the market that can confuse you when choosing the best ones, but don’t worry; This article will help you choose one.

Before we explore the keyboard, let’s quickly look at some of the things to consider when buying a gaming keyboard. Types of keyboard for games

You might be wondering, but there are three popular types of keyboards available in the market. Each type offers unique features.

The technology used behind these types of keyboards is quite simple. Each key has a rubber membrane underneath to create contact with the typing board. These are the least expensive on the market due to their easy elaboration process. The only downside to these keyboards is that they can lag even if you press the button.

Mechanical keyboards are considered the best options for gamers even though they have been manufactured with the oldest technology.

This type of keyboards is usually seen on laptops. There is a deep keying of the keys for the convenience of an individual. These keyboards are quite expensive, so gamers prefer mechanics. You can still play with these keyboards if you’ve purchased a laptop to play with. Keyboard connections for gaming

You can opt for wired or wireless gaming keyboards.

Wired keyboards mainly have USB or PS/2 slots to maintain keyboard connectivity with your system. It’s good when you’re always playing at the gaming desk, but if you need to play in bed or on the couch, the cable may be short and you need to look for wireless keyboards.

You would have freedom of movement when you opt to buy a wireless keyboard. You can lie on your armchair or sofa and play at your convenience. The only downside to a wireless keyboard is that you need to recharge the battery when and when. Keyboard lighting

Today, most gaming keyboards come with bright backlighting. You can even opt for dynamic lighting, where the idea is that if you catch a bullet, the keys will turn red. The price goes up a lot when you opt for a keyboard with dynamic lighting. Controlled software

If your keyboard has special software, it will be quite easy to modify it as you wish. The drivers will allow you to reprogram the keys and also save different configuration profiles in them. This feature is very useful if more than one person is using the same keyboard.

Now, let’s explore the following keyboards that can enhance your gaming experience. Logitech G915

If you’re thinking of opting for a wireless connection, you should consider the Logitech G915 Light Speed keyboard. It’s a professional-grade wireless keyboard with advanced LightSync RGB lighting. The ultra-thin 22mm design gives it an attractive look along with its comfortable low-profile mechanical switches.

G915 offers lightning-fast wireless installation with ultra-fast 1ms performance. It is fully functional even when you plug in the USB and play while charging the keyboard simultaneously. You can rely on this keyboard as it is the one used in competitions around the world.

The incredibly slim design has been crafted with premium materials to make it ready for long gaming sessions. Advanced mechanical switches give gamers the speed, performance, and accuracy of traditional switches. Every keystroke is smooth and responsive with this keyboard.

LightSync RGB lighting technology provides per-key customization to create your own animations or even choose from available preset effects. Programmable G-keys and built-in profiles are useful for high performance and all the features you need at your fingertips.

You can continue to enjoy non-stop gaming during your long sessions on a single charge. You can change the wireless connection with the push of a button. The dedicated media controls at your fingertips would help you adjust various media and brightness settings instantly.

You can’t go wrong with logitech devices. Razer Cynosa

Razer Cynosa V2 might be the cheapest option with respectable performance. The backlight of each key can be customized to your convenience and watch the game come to life as you play on the titles built into Chroma. Have the opportunity to enjoy a gaming experience that you can never get away from.

The keyboard feels super quiet and its padded surface improves comfort during long gaming sessions. The RGB gaming keyboard can be customized with 16.8 million colors and various effects to choose from. The keyboard supports dynamic lighting effects on various Chroma built-in titles such as Warframe, Apex Legends, Fortnite, and many more.

You can improve your game by mapping your commands with the use of Razer Synapse 3. You can adjust the RGB keyboard according to your gaming style by saving different macros and unique profiles. Dedicated media keys are available to easily set play, pause, volume, and even adjust brightness with simple controls.

The keyboard has a durable, sturdy structure that makes it spill-resistant for your long gaming sessions. The best thing about this keyboard is its impressive low cost. Corsair K100

When you’re on the budget and ready to upgrade to the best available on the market, you can consider opting for the Corsair K100 RGB mechanical gaming keyboards optical keyboard. It is a premium gaming keyboard for professional gamers. You should definitely tidy up your gaming desk to create enough space for your huge footprint.

Axon has boosted the performance of the Corsair keyboard to provide 4x faster input delivery. You will be able to experience the hyper-fast input as the actuation distance is only 1.0mm.

The K100 RGB offers dynamic per-key backlighting to enhance your gaming experience. You can fully customize the backlight options with the help of a multifunction iCUE control wheel. It is fully programmable to perform custom actions in different games and applications.

The keyboard offers 6 dedicated macro keys that you can program according to your gaming requirements to gain an edge over your opponents. Keys are useful for performing complex macros or even special transmission commands with the help of your custom software. Das X50Q

If you are looking for a gaming keyboard with the most advanced technology, there is no better option than Das Keyboard X50Q. Not only will it improve your gaming performance, but you’ll also feel an adrenaline rush when you see the keyboard light up. The X50Q offers fast and accurate keystrokes along with its stunning looks.

Whether you’re playing in broad daylight or in a dark room at night, the keyboard will shine brightly due to the enhanced RGB brightness mode and modern switch design. You can easily rest your palms on the frictionless detachable palm rest when you feel tired.

You can program certain keys to perform macro functions with the help of a single click. You can even create a sequence of such keystrokes to perform specific actions in your favorite game. The keyboard comes with a simple control for quick access to multimedia controls.

The full N-key replacement function helps you trust the keyboard even if you press multiple keys simultaneously. The X50Q also comes with a function control that will immediately put your computer into sleep mode. ROG Strix

Asus has always been a leading brand in the field of gaming equipment. The keyboard comes with ROG RX red optical mechanical switches. The Asus ROG Strix Scope RX is the first mechanical keyboard to offer this type of switch. The service life of these switches is 100 million keystrokes with immediate response.