The 20 most important technology companies in the world

The rise of tech companies has grown exponentially in less than 50 years; Their products are everywhere. Today, it could be said that it is impossible to act or create without technology. The world’s top 20 tech companies generate more than $1.9 trillion in profit. Do you know what they are?   New technologies transformed the way humanity meets its needs. … Read More

Technology – Definition, What It Is and Concept | Economy

Technology is the set of knowledge and techniques that are applied in an orderly manner to achieve a certain objective or solve a problem.

Technology is a response to man’s desire to transform the environment and improve his quality of life. It includes knowledge and techniques developed over time that are used in an organized manner in order to meet … Read More

Trends in higher education in the world and in Latin America and the Caribbean

Trends in higher education in the world and in Latin America and the Caribbean

Francisco Lopez Segrera

technology PhD in Latin American Studies (Paris VIII, Sorbonne). Vice-rector of the Institute of International Relations of Cuba (ISRI) 1974-1988. He worked at UNESCO between 1994 and 2002, where he served as Regional Advisor for Social Sciences and Director of the International Institute … Read More

The Implication of ICT in Education: Scope, Limitations and Foresight

The ways of life that are currently experienced are incomparable with those that were lived a few decades ago and an undeniable fact is that these are based on information and communication technologies (ICT) that are present in a large part of the areas in which human beings develop, which has meant restructuring in the organization of the economy,politics, society, … Read More

9 important rules of safety in the laboratory

There are several rules of behavior that ensure we stay safe from the dangers inherent in school or professional laboratories. Following these indications also ensures the integrity of the tests or experiments that are carried out. Respecting these rules is a way to show appreciation for scientific work and it is also a way to take care of oneself and … Read More

7th World Higher Education Report strengthens the interlinkages between science, technology and humanities – UNESCO-IESALC

© GUNi presents the 7th edition of the World Report “Humanities and Higher Education: Synergies between Science, Technology and Humanities”

“From politicians to technicians, regulators, academics from different fields and financiers, everyone is convinced that humanistic education and cultural experience are key factors in achieving a more dignified, just and democratic society. The problem is that the reality of education … Read More