Features and Uses of Satellite Phones

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A satellite phone is a device that connects to other phones through orbiting satellites instead of mobile phone towers on the ground. One of the advantages of using a sat phone is that you will not be limited to specific areas as you can use it in most areas of the Earth’s surface. However, the long-distance cover implies that a satellite can take numerous seconds to transmit the signals.

If the phones cannot detect a satellite, they cannot work. In particular, they cannot work inside a caravan, car, or house. Therefore, most satellite systems need you to be outside instead of inside a structure to prevent blockage of signals. Further, trees, buildings, and other obstructions can affect the quality of the call and signal strength.

Numerous firms offer satellite phone services to achieve this. In Australia, the available networks include

  • Pivotel
  • Inmarsat
  • Thuraya
  • Globalstar
  • Iridium

Features of satellite phones

Satellite phones use SIM cards like cellular phones, and they provide different features. The features include text messaging, voicemail, phone books, call forwarding, signal strength, and low battery displays. The hand-held satellite phones use batteries and offer approximately four hours of talk and between 36 and 40 hours of standby time. Apart from that, the phones can have additional features including:

  • Designed for use in rugged environments with dust, shock, and water resistance features
  • Faxing, data transmission, and paging capabilities
  • Come with solar panels for users to remotely charge the batteries
  • GPS displays for latitude and longitude
  • Global Mobile System  (GMS) combability, enabling you to use the sat phone like a cellular phone

Uses of satellite phones

In most cases, sat phones are used by people who need communication services in remote areas. More people have found the advantages of using these phones, but many users engage in adventure travel, military, maritime, government, emergency, and aviation services.

What is the best satellite phone for you?

Satellite handsets have in-built codes for particular satellite services, and you cannot transfer them between satellite networks. Therefore, when searching for an ideal sat phone, you need to consider the kinds of information you want to receive and send, the place you will use your phone, the length of period you might require to access a network, and your intended applications.