Home science experiments easy to do

The fun and long-awaited science fairs we all had to participate in when we were little. We must admit that although we were very excited, choosing what he experienced doing was a real headache, this one had to be good enough but easy to do from home and thus be able to impress everyone.

Everyone’s creativity was put into competition as science fairs approached. And finding the right experiment to be able to get out of the rest became tedious and complicated, more because we had to make it work in front of everyone and explain it. These are some home experiments that we probably would have wanted to do when we were little. Do not forget to look for the tutorials with all the steps to do each of them. Homemade glass

The only thing that is needed to make homemade crystals are the following materials that we surely have at home. Epsom salt, liquid watercolors, hot water and bowl. All these ingredients must be mixed and then left in the freezer so that it cools and the crystals begin to form. Liquid density

This experiment is perfect for explaining the density of liquids and best of all, it’s simple to do. All you need is clear glass, water, vegetable oil, food coloring and salt. Crystal names

Nothing better than our name formed of crystals to explain this process of nature. The materials needed are pipe or line cleaners, container, borax, food coloring and scissors. Absorption of food and liquids from plants

To understand and make this unique process of plants more fun, you only need a few jars and colors. Roses can also be used but the process takes a little longer. Melting ice and salt

This fun home experiment is very easy to do, you just need deep dishes to make ice, salt and watercolors or liquid dyes. Place salt at the bottom of the deep containers where the ice will be made so that it has this rock or crystal effect. Scientific reaction

We all like to see these scientific tubes react, and to do it from home in a safe way all you need are some tubes, vinegar, baking soda. Magic sand

This is not just any magic sand, as it reacts and foams when in contact with vinegar. The materials are flour, vegetable oil, baking soda and of course for the grand finale a little vinegar. Crystals

To make these beautiful crystal rocks you need the following: Eggshell, Alum powder, white glue, plastic or glass container, Coloring and hot water. Transparent egg

To make the eggshell dissolve and look better against light, you only need a container full of vinegar and an egg. Magic happens by science experiments itself. Homemade snow

We do not need to wait until it is winter or go on a trip to play with snow, just have a diaper. We just have to remove the inside and place it in a glass or large container with water and ready. Lava lamp

To create our own lava lamp you only need the following: Large plastic soda bottle, Vegetable oil, Food coloring, Alka-Seltzer tablet and water. Homemade Battery

There are many ways to make homemade batteries, the easiest is with a couple of lemons, screws and a copper coin. This generates a small current of electricity. Homemade rocket

It is very entertaining to see a rocket being fired, and the best thing is that we can simulate it at home with a balloon. You will also need a straw, thread and duct tape. More complex homemade rocket

For this you need a bottle, cork that fits in the bottle, adhesive tape, water, vinegar, baking soda and absorbent paper or a napkin. You will see your bottle rise on the floor. A boat in motion

The secret of this experiment lies in the property of soap that makes things move or propel themselves. For this you need a large container to place the boat made with a bottle or any other object, water, detergent or a ball of soap. Fluorescent mass

We all love fluorescent lights that give you that effect of being in space in another dimension. You only need cornstarch, tonic, ultraviolet light and a container. Moving can

This experiment is perfect to impress everyone, as the can seems to come alive and move on its own. For this you need a can, a lighter and water. Home thermometer

The materials we will need to make a natural disaster are: Water, Alcohol, Plastic bottle, Coloring, straw and Plastilin.

Like transparent eggs, for this one it takes a lot of vinegar and patience for everything to happen on its own, around 48 hours. The egg changes its composition and can bounce off without any accidents happening. Liquid rainbow

This is a very engaging visual experiment that captures anyone’s attention. To do this you need a glass bottle, honey, green liquid soap, oil, water, alcohol, dye and a dropper.