Smartwatch with which to answer calls: model guide

Nowadays, the offer of smartwatch is so extremely wide that you can find models for all kinds of tastes and needs. Do you want a smartwatch that controls your blood pressure? You will get it without problems. Do you prefer a model with GPS and waterproof? Do not doubt that you can choose from a lot of models. But what if you’re looking for a smartwatch to make or answer calls? Well, there are also a good number of models available. And, to make things easy for you, we have prepared a top with the best options to consider if you are looking for a wearable of this type.

When we talk about watches with which to answer our calls, we must differentiate two types. Those equipped with microphone and speaker that allow us to answer the calls we receive on the mobile when we have it synchronized with it and those that have a SIM or eSIM card and behave as if they were a phone. Types of watches/smartwatch for answering calls

That said, we can differentiate between:

  • Smartwatch without card. They are the models that are equipped with speaker and microphone. In this way, once we have the watch synchronized with our phone through Bluetooth, the incoming call on our mobile will be received on the watch and we can pick it up from the wrist itself.
  • Smartwatch with card. They are what are designed to house a SIM or eSIM card. Therefore, they are able to behave like a totally independent phone. In addition to being able to answer calls, we can also make them and without having to carry the mobile phone on you.

The SIM card: a fundamental element

Smartwatches with connectivity or card use a small SIM card. What they do is house all the information of your mobile phone related to contacts on your watch, with the option to make calls. Suddenly, it turns it into a small mobile with card included, with microphone and speaker.

If you do not know the difference between a SIM and an eSIM, basically it is that the SIM refers to a physical card, which we will have to install in the watch itself, while an eSIM is a virtual card. That is, it is integrated into the chip of the watch itself.

Today, most of the major operators in our country offer eSIM. Now, we must review the compatible models to avoid buying one and then not compatible with the model of our operator. Advantages and disadvantages of these smartwatches

Undoubtedly, a device of this type has many advantages. And, the idea of being able to answer or make a call from your wrist can save you from more than one hurry. For example, if you are practicing any type of sport, you will only have to press a button to pick up the call and be able to talk while you continue with your exercise.

There can also be the situation in which a call catches you red-handed. Literally. Yes, that moment when you are cooking and, when the phone rings, you realize that your hands are very dirty, so picking up your smartphone is not possible. Through one of these clocks that allow us to answer calls, we can solve this annoying ballot.

If, in addition, the model in question is one of those that has its own SIM card, then they will not offer another advantage, which we will not have to carry our phone on top. smartphones This is something that we can not do with the models without a card, since the range to be able to answer calls is the one offered by the Bluetooth connectivity itself. If we are far from our mobile the call will not jump on the clock, while if we move away from it while talking, we can lose the connection and the call is cut.

Faced with these advantages, the only notable drawback is that in models with LTE and 4G connectivity, although we do not have the problem of range, we find that battery consumption increases considerably. Therefore, the autonomy can be reduced considerably in this type of watches. Look at this before buying a smartwatch

We have told you some of the basic questions and we have introduced you to the world of smarwatches with calls, but we have not told you some other important aspects that you should take into account. Here they go:

  • The screen fulfills a very relevant function. It is the fundamental axis of each watch. The fluidity of it, the performance are very important values. Not only do you have to look at whether or not it accepts calls, but also the size of the screen, its shape… They are usually about an inch or larger in size, so it will be the minimum acceptable.
  • Regardless of the screen and its fluidity, it will be very important to know what kind of operating system it equips. We highly recommend the WearOS system, which is Google’s own, as well as Apple’s watchOS. Either system will work perfectly. WearOS is also compatible with many watch brands, while Apple is limited to its products. We also find HarmonyOS for Huawei smartwatches, but it has fewer applications available. On all Android there will be an excellent range of applications to download and complement.
  • Autonomy is one of the main handicaps of these watches. While some play with 2 or 3 days, others reach up to 7 continuous days. Thus, the proper thing is that autonomy arrives, at least, at 4 or 5 days. In the best models it can be extended up to a week or even two weeks of use (14 days). Everything will depend on your needs.
  • Other extra functions, such as sports modes. It will not hurt that your smartwatch has several sports modes to complement your daily physical activity: in the gym, on the bicycle or running. Any of the activities you do should be covered by your smartwatch. Thus, some reach more than 120 modes. If you are not going to use them, it will not directly influence you.
  • Measurement systems are also a good handicap. Beyond allowing you to make calls or video calls, theirs is that it has all the possible extras, and among them, the measurement systems. Basically, you should have a heart rate, oxygen and sleep meter. Then you will find other more premium models that include measurement of the menstrual cycle or even body temperature. Look very carefully at what sensors it equips.
  • Is it customizable? I’m sure you’ll appreciate it. There’s no way to know for sure other than by looking at product reviews or user ratings. That it is customizable in terms of spheres, that you can download and install them is always a positive thing. You also have to look at the strap. Are they interchangeable, and for what models?
  • The price range in which these smartwatches move will be definitive to opt for one or the other. By carrying more technology they will be more expensive, but there are certainly affordable models taking into account some of the extras we have talked about in these previous points.

Smartwatch models with connectivity/SIM

In this selection you will find models of all kinds, so you have a wide range of possibilities to choose the smart watch that you like the most aesthetically, and that has the best features on the market. Without further ado, we leave you with the best options to consider if you are looking for a wearable of this type. Huawei Watch 3 Active 4G

A model of excellent performance and premium design, sophisticated but simple at the same time. It has a compartment for eSIM, to be able to make phone calls, as well as receive and send messages without having to have your mobile phone nearby. It has a circular finish and round dial, with a look that navigates between classic and natural.

With a sufficient 1.43-inch screen you can enjoy the intelligent design of the future. Its operation is really optimized and is the most fluid in the navigation menu. You can configure it to your liking, with hundreds of spheres available in the Huawei app.
Thanks to eSIM technology, the HUAWEI WATCH 3 functions as a standalone communication device. Make calls, play music, and download apps offline from your phone, but always with your phone number. With its own sound and speakers of the highest quality.
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