Technology that you Should Know About

General Article

Even if you are not a tech freak or don’t like computers and smartphones you must have some knowledge about technology if you are living in 2019. The knowledge of technology is necessary because now the world is changing quickly. The fourth industrial revolution is about to start soon and to survive that it is important to know technology and be expert in a particular field. In this article, various new concepts and discoveries are discussed regarding the new advancements in technology.


AI is artificial intelligence and it is getting a lot of hype in the media and on the internet in recent years. It is said to be coming very soon and even now much advancements are made in AI technology. Developers are working on machine learning technology that can enable machines to learn on their own. Machines learning is a technology to develop an algorithm for the machines to analyze data and draw conclusions and learn from that. It is also a developing aspect of technology that can make AI possible. Developers and scientists have been working on the creation of AI over some years relentlessly and maybe the world would soon see AI. There will be a lot of changes in the world as we know it if AI becomes a reality. AI can be very helpful to us as it can make life so much easier. It can be beneficial in medicine, development of technology, security, military, construction industries, and many others. It can make any Identity Resolution, content analytics, accounting, analyzing security threats so much easier. AI might have some certain demerits as many people might lose jobs due to the invention of AI. AI can replace human drivers, accountants, data entry operators. Basically, AI can do all the jobs that are laborious. We can take this as an opportunity and learn more creative things.

Virtual reality/ Augmented reality

This is the technology that makes it possible to see a 3D image of a person while you are communicating. You might have seen this used in movies like Star Wars, and other science fiction movies. But now it can be a reality. This technology can be used in E-commerce, training military, gaming industry, communication industry, and many other industries to make life easier for us. This can revolutionize we communicate and see the world. We can have more real experience in a virtual world.


With all the buzz around cryptocurrency, it is difficult to not hear about Blockchain. This technology is used in making a secure transaction and due to its advanced mechanism, it is almost impossible to hack. The hackers are getting smarter and companies need to implement new technologies to prevent hacking. Blockchain is now trying to be implemented in almost all types of transactions to make it more secure. You must know about the advancements of technology that are happening around you to keep up with the modern world. Knowledge of technology is very crucial today for advancing in your career.