The Impact of Technology on Early Childhood Development

The Impact of Technology

The development of social-emotional aspects of children from an early age can bring changes when they grow up. Children will grow well if their development since childhood is also good. That is why parents need to pay attention to the Impact of Technology on children from an early age. However, now parents don’t seem to care much about this aspect.

Evidenced by the rampant use of technology against young children. Parents may not want their children to be left behind. However, letting children touch technology in the form of gadgets can have a negative impact. Although it is undeniable that there are some positive impacts that children can get.

Even though gadgets can help children’s development, there are more negative impacts on children. This is because the child’s age is not sufficient to be able to accept technological developments. The following are negative impacts that can even have an impact on child psychology.

The Impact of Technology on the Low Concentration of Children

One of the effects of gadgets on early childhood development is a decrease in the level of concentration. In other words, the concentration of children who are used to using gadgets tends to be shorter. Children also do not care about the environment around them. Especially if the child is already engrossed in playing and getting used to it.

Even though the child is focused on one thing, that is what makes it difficult for him to concentrate. Worse, children tend to imagine game characters that are often played on gadgets.

Gives Addictive Effects

Surely you often find children who will whine and even cry when they are not given gadgets, right? This is a sign that the child has started an addiction. Children will do anything to get gadgets and play to their heart’s content. Of course, this is not a good thing.

If a child is already addicted, even when he wakes up, the thing he will look for is a gadget. In fact, when doing other activities, such as eating or going anywhere, he won’t let go of the gadget. If for a while the child is kept away from the gadget, he will feel restless.

Difficult to Socialize

The influence of gadgets on children’s social behavior can be seen from the difficulty in socializing. A child who is used to playing with his friends will form communication and social relations. However, if a child is used to playing with gadgets, the child will feel used to it alone.

The child will become an annoying person in social relations. In fact, this can have an impact on changing his behavior to become more aggressive. Therefore, it is good to understand how important social and emotional aspects are for children

After seeing the negative impacts above, here are some positive impacts that you can find out. If you want your child to feel only the positive impact, set a schedule so that your child doesn’t become addicted to gadgets. Even though it’s difficult, if you are firm, then the child will obey.

Help Children Stimulate Motor Abilities

The first positive impact is to help children stimulate motor skills. With good assistance, children can make good use of it. Children’s motor skills can be trained from an early age through the help of technology.

Because his body indirectly moves when playing it. Coupled with the fingers so as to make his abilities grow. However, don’t let your child become addicted to playing with gadgets.

Develop Creativity

The impact of using technology in developing the social-emotional aspects of children is increasing their creativity. You can help children to create a masterpiece. Currently, there are many types of games that can sharpen the left brain and right brain.

Plus there are several applications, one of which is Youtube that can be used to create content. You and your little one can create content together so that children’s creativity can develop. Indirectly, the power of creativity will increase with age.

Those are some of the impacts that can affect your little one in the development of social-emotional aspects. If you want your child to grow up with a socializing spirit, then you can build it by minimizing the use of gadgets.