What Everyone Should Know About Network Access Control

General Article

Any company with IT department likely has some way of monitoring the company’s network. Even smaller companies may utilize software to see who and what is accessing the network. The larger the network the harder it is to control, but that is where software comes in handy.

What is Network Access Control

Network access control software secures and controls network access. The owner of the network can manage who has access to what. You can have them sign an end user agreement in some cases. The software locates who is on the network, where they are located and when they accessed it. Some software programs can tell you the type of device they accessed it from as well.

Why Businesses Use the Software

Businesses want to know who and what is using their network at all times. They don’t want outside people having access to sensitive information especially if they are under certain federal regulations such as HIPAA. Some businesses only have access for employees. Other businesses may have a guest access account such as hotels with limited usage. Others may have additional accounts for outside contacts who need network access such as off-site IT contractors or CPAs. Employees can also be limited on what they can see and access on the network at any given time.

How To Use at Home

If you don’t want to have someone outside your home accessing your wireless network and potentially your devices, consider controlling your network access like a business does. There is software available for smaller networks that would work for a home. This may be critical if you work from home or have a home-based business. Preventing people from poaching off your home network can boost your bandwidth making using your network easier.

Controlling the access to your network can save you money, time and hassle. Limiting access to your network is one way to maintain security in the digital age.