You Can Save The Earth By Recycling Electronics

General Article

If you want to help save the planet and you are doing everything that you can to recycle, then you are already on a great path in life. But there are more things that you can recycle than just the regular recyclables that you know about. There is more to the list of things that you can recycle than just papers, plastics, and other things like that. You can also recycle computers and other electronics. This might sound strange or come as a shock, but I can promise you, that recycling these items do make just as much of a difference as recycling old water bottles or shopping bags.

There are pieces that are used to make up laptops and computers that make recycling them completely worth it, especially if you aren’t using it and want to do some good for the planet or if it’s broken all together. Like the metals and wires used to make it work can be melted down or reused in something else. Metal is something that is extremely reusable so that alone makes any computer recycling worth it. But all of the other stuff inside of your computer helps a lot, too. Let’s go through a list of things you can do before you recycle your computer.

If your laptop or computer still works, you will want to remove all of your personal data from it. Wipe the motherboard, reset all of it and make it brand new with no personal information saved. No passwords, no usernames, no files, take all of that away and make it fresh and clean as if you had just bought it. If you computer doesn’t work, take out any memory card and put it into another computer to try and clean it off before you recycle it.

If you have a computer, unplug all of the extra items that are hooked into it. unplug the speakers, the keyboard, and the mouse if it’s wired. You might be able to recycle these too, but you should make sure that they are in a separate section and all split up so that it’s easy to navigate through what can and can’t be reused. Or you can just donate the extra pieces or give them to a friend who might be on the look out for some new speakers, a keyboard, or a mouse if you don’t think it would be worth recycling those items. If you have a laptop, remove the battery and put it into a separate box. These need to be moved separate from the computer and everything else because they are made and what they do.

Now all that you need to do is find a place that is either local, or a place you can mail your things to so that they can be recycled. It is not very hard, try searching up different recycling companies and call or email them to see if they will take your old and used computers or laptops or other electronics.